FirmChecker collects legitimate ratings, reviews and pricing information to help you make better decisions when hiring lawyers, accountants, bookkeepers and conveyancers.

They’re big purchases that can change your life, so getting the right advice matters.

Like TripAdvisor for travel or Zomato for restaurants, we make professional advice transparent and easy. It's a smarter way to choose professionals. 

How it works

You can get full access by supporting us in the following ways:

  1. Leave a legitimate review of a service provider you’ve used
  2. Make a ‘gold coin’ donation to help us improve the site
  3. Refer a friend, family member or colleague to the site
  4. Provide pricing information to the platform

In doing so you’ll get full access to the information on FirmChecker for free, without ads, and help others like you find professionals more effectively. It will also help firms to deliver better service to all of us - which is their reason for being. 

Why do I have to contribute to get all the info?

Our service is free for the public, and ad-free. That means we don't sell your data to advertisers so they can bombard you with requests to buy their stuff. 

We plan to keep it this way forever - but we need your help to do that. So, we ask that you support the platform - either by a small donation, sharing information on the site or by referring friends and family. 

Whether through contributing reviews, referring a friend or through a small donation, we greatly appreciate your support. It helps us keep ad-free!


For firms

about firmchecker

Make your firm stand out

Standing out in any business is tough. Standing out in law or accounting can seem nearly impossible. 

With hyper-competition and commoditisation, it's a brutal struggle to make your firm memorable.

Don't just tell your clients you're different. Show them.


Awards & Recognition

We're a dynamic startup that's building momentum. Our Co-founder, Ben Farrow, was recognised as one of the top innovators of 2019 by the LSJ, the Law Society of NSW's flagship publication. He was also a finalist for the Rising Star category of the Australian Business Forum's B2B Awards. 

FirmChecker was also a finalist for Startup of the Year with the Australian Business Forum.