You wouldn't go to an expensive restaurant without reading the reviews. Why would you treat professional services differently?

FirmChecker collects ratings, reviews and constructive feedback for firms in:

  1. Law
  2. Accounting
  3. Conveyancing
  4. Bookkeeping

For clients

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Like TripAdvisor for travel or Zomato for restaurants, FirmChecker makes professional advice transparent and easy.

Our philosophy is simple: Leave a Review to See All Reviews

Why? While we firmly believe this information should be free to clients to help them choose, we want people to help others by contributing reviews themselves. If you contribute to our platform by leaving a review or giving feedback to a firm, you're helping others make better decisions.

Finally, our firms also love your feedback, and use it to improve their service offerings to you.

What if I haven't used a firm before?

If you haven't used a professional services firm before, that's okay! You get unlimited access for a gold coin donation (i.e. $1 or $2). This will help us help others to find the right advice. It also helps us keep this information free, without needing to rely on advertising on the site. 

Whether through contributing reviews, or through a small donation, we greatly appreciate your support. It helps us keep ad-free!

For firms

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Client feedback is vital to improving your service. We encourage you to sign up for a FirmChecker account so that you can:

  1. Respond to reviews
  2. Get feedback
  3. Capture leads

We've also partnered with the National Australia Bank to bring you the Professional Services Awards, which are judged by clients. All Premium subscribers receive benchmarked reports as part of their subscription.

Why a subscription model?

Making FirmChecker a subscription model means we can provide a useful application without us having to:

  1. Have advertisers on the site
  2. Take a 'clip of the ticket' - we do not charge a match-making fee
  3. Monetise your data
  4. Take sponsored listings

 We believe a subscription model is the most straightforward and transparent way that we can serve you.

Why professional services?

Professional services industries have the biggest information asymmetries - clients desperately need more information to inform their buying decisions. Gone are the days when a degree on the wall is enough - the world's too competitive.

By signing up, you'll get on the front foot with managing your reputation online and stand out from your competition.