Automate your reviews

Firmchecker collects reviews for you, so you can focus on what matters. 

Frictionless reviews. Better insight.

Firmchecker requests reviews and reminds your clients with one click. Our review is engaging to complete, allows for private feedback and doesn’t require annoying logins.

Expertly drafted templates

Unsure where to start? Not to worry – our review request templates are drafted by market research experts to maximise response rates – which are at around 30% for Firmchecker. 

Start getting unbiased feedback from your clients with just one click. 

Automatic reminders

Asking clients for a review is one thing – following up is another! It’s easy to forget and uncomfortable to do. 

Use Firmchecker and rest assured knowing that your clients are being politely nudged to vouch for you online – WITHOUT you having to chase them!

Close the loop

Whether it’s private or public, or anonymous or attributed, Firmchecker makes it easy to manage and respond to your reviews all from one place. 

Just reply in your dashboard and your clients will know you’re listening to their feedback and care about their input. 

Firmchecker builds your online presence while you sleep.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Google reviews is designed for cafes, bars, laser tag venues, hair salons, dog walking businesses…you get the idea!

Firmchecker is designed specifically for professionals, and brings out detailed insights into your customer service that Google Reviews cannot. 

Here are some other benefits of using Firmchecker instead of Google Reviews if you’re a professional services provider:

  • Clients can leave feedback privately, which many prefer to do rather than describe their important personal matters online
  • Respondents do not need to sign up or log in to an account to leave a review, which stops clients from leaving reviews on Google and provides a frustrating experience associated with your firm
  • If clients do leave you a great review on Google, we make it easy for them to duplicate their review on Google Reviews, which de-risks your online presence
  • The detailed insights into service quality, areas of expertise and value for money give thousands of more discerning clients comfort that your firm is right for them.
  • If used properly, your Firmchecker profile will boost your Google presence as it becomes indexed by Google My Business
  • Unlike Google, all reviews are checked by technological and human means

We had over 50,000 users in 2021, most of whom use the site to be more confident in their purchase decisions. On an individual profile, this can range from 50-200 hits per month, so it is very cost effective traffic that is highly qualified. 

But the traffic isn’t the only benefit. Your profile will index with your Google My Business profile, and you can also embed our ratings, review and booking widgets on your own site to turn your online traffic into more paying clients. 

And it’s all highly automated. 

Firmchecker is great client reviews and a killer online presence without the hassle or expense.

We don’t remove reviews purely because they are negative, and clients have the option to leave feedback privately. 

However, all reviews are checked by technological and human means prior to publication to screen for misleading, false, defamatory or obscene content. 

In the event that you feel a review is any of the above, you can speak to someone in Australia to have it reviewed.

Yes. We have over 13,000 verified client reviews on the platform which grows daily. Our subscribers typically experience a response rate of 20-40% to survey requests. 

Plus, our review system is highly automated, with automatic reminders to clients who don’t complete the review. 

So, you don’t have the hassle of keeping track of which client has responded and following up with them manually, which is time consuming, expensive and awkward.

It’s free to have a Starter account so you can take a look around our software. 

To get the full benefits of Firmchecker, upgrade to Marketing Pro which is just $99 per month with no lock-in contracts.

You can access our questions by signing up to a Starter account and looking at your unique survey link.

Unfortunately not, however you can link your Google and Firmchecker profiles so that your pre-qualified happy clients on Firmchecker can duplicate their great reviews on Google with just a couple of clicks.

Yes. There are no lock-in contracts or minimum terms. 

Yes. If you pay annually upfront, it’s $1,000 including GST – which saves you $188 per year.