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Track your Net Promoter Score

Turn your clients into raving fans

  • Monitor your progress
  • Stamp out weaknesses & amplify strengths
  • Track performance in key statistical drivers of NPS
This sort of feedback from clients is fantastic as it is exactly what I set out in business to do. I saw a huge gap in the market because older style business advisory firms weren’t embracing the technology that’s now available to us, and not really servicing their clients’ needs because of that.
Katie Bryan - Propeller Advisory

Close the loop

What clients do post-matter makes all the difference

  • Spot flight risks and areas to improve
  • Find your fans, ensure they tell others
  • Get real-time notifications so you never miss an opportunity
As a young firm, we needed to get a gauge on how our clients felt about our services, and the quality of the experiences they had with Legalite. We’ve been thrilled to hear about what our clients liked about our services, and received useful tips about how to improve.
Marianne Marchesi - Legalite

Ask clients with any system

No need to reinvent the wheel

  • Easy URL system matches however you communicate with your clients
  • Access carefully designed survey request templates
  • Extremely simple DIY set up in 60s

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By joining FirmChecker, you will:

  • Zero-in on your raving fans, unhappy clients and act
  • Track key drivers of word-of-mouth growth and NPS
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  • Access an expert, dedicated account manager whose job is to help maximise your ROI

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