5 Best Rated Accountants in Sydney CBD & Inner City – 2019

March 25, 2019
5 Best Rated Accountants in Sydney CBD & Inner City – 2019

Choose the Best Accountants in Sydney.

You wouldn’t pay $200 at a restaurant without checking reviews first, so why would you spend thousands with accountants without doing the same? 

In Australia, we spend much more on accounting and legal advice than on hospitality and related services every year. In hospitality, we don’t want a mediocre experience so we check online reviews first. Not so with accountants, even though they typically cost a lot more.

To illustrate this point, look at the chart below. Accounting and law are infrequent purchases, but over your life time you may spend a lot on these services. These are typically big purchases, with bigger consequences, so you must get it right.

Best accountants in Sydney


Tips for hiring the best accountants in Sydney

Check their experience

Make sure they actually have experience in what you need. We help you do this by analysing the breakdown of what their reviews are in to infer where their experience lies. This is shown in the charts below.

Fixed fees trump hourly rates

Did you know you’re more likely to be satisfied with your service if you get a fixed fee? It’s because you know exactly what you’re paying upfront, giving you peace of mind. Make sure you ask your accountant for one.

Search for yourself

We’ve given you a few highlight firms here, but there are other factors you might consider, like location. To find a firm near you, use our search bar and input your location for maximum convenience.

Help others – leave a review!

We rely on user input from people like you to make this service possible. Make sure you assist others by leaving a review.

1. Addsum Accountants, Sydney

Main areas of practice: Tax, Financial Planning, Bookkeeeping

best accountants in Sydney

Addsum is headquartered in Sydney with an office in Melbourne. They have an excellent client service record for foreign investor clients.

In assessing whether they’re the right accountant for you, you should note that their main target market is foreign investors in Australia. For local small businesses and individuals there may be options that are more tailored to your needs.

More info & client reviews…

2. Prime Partners Chartered Accountants, North Sydney

Main areas of practice: Tax, Financial Planning, Audit

best accountants in sydney - prime partners

Prime Partners are small business specialists with a focus on practical and efficient advice. They are technology focused, being Xero Gold Partners, taking a holistic approach to help you streamline your business.

More info & client reviews…

3. Lumina Chartered Accountants, Sydney

Main areas of practice: Tax, Audit

best accountants in sydney - lumina

Lumina’s approach is ‘leave it to us’. They’re a premium service with top-tier expertise that allow you to outsource the management of your financial matters so you can focus on what you do best. They come at a premium price, but most of their clients are happy to pay.

More info & client reviews…

4. CharterNet, Sydney

Main areas of practice: Tax, Business Advice

best accountants sydney - charternet

CharterNet are a young firm with a drive for innovation and technology. Client feedback is a big focus for this firm, so you can be sure they’ll be responsive to your needs. Great option for startups to work with like-minded, entrepreneurial people.

More info & client reviews…

5. Allworths Chartered Accountants, Sydney

Main areas of practice: Tax, Audit, Financial Planning

best accountants sydney - allworths

Allworths are a good option for individuals and families and small to medium enterprises. They provide a one-stop-shop likely to meet all of your needs if you fit into these categories.

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