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Dispute Resolution

When looking for a litigation lawyer, you need a firm that will be clear, direct and understands your objectives. Undoubtedly the firm’s expertise is crucial to achieving the best possible result. However, a common issue we see in reviews is clients feeling as though they were left in the dark and not properly consulted. When looking through firms on FirmChecker pay particular attention to the firm’s ability to communicate. See if other clients have flagged this issue with the firm. 

We have compiled a list below of the top five law firms on FirmChecker for Dispute Resolution & Litigation. They all have an exceptional track record. 

1. New South Lawyers

New South Lawyers

Location: Parramatta, NSW.

New South Lawyers have been one of the most prolific firms on FirmChecker over the past year. Winning the Client Choice Awards for Best Law & Related Services Firm (<$30m revenue) in 2020 highlights the firm’s outstanding quality of service. The firm’s attention to all aspects of client experience and emphasis on providing fixed fee billing methods have established them as one Australia’s best firms.

New South Lawyers profile and reviews.


2. Batch Mewing Lawyers

Batch Mewing Lawyers

Location: Brisbane, Qld.

Batch Mewing Lawyers predominantly services clients in the construction and building industry. Their understanding of this industry and their clients needs has set this firm apart as one of the leading firms on FirmChecker. A consistent theme you will find looking through the firm’s client reviews is outstanding communication, ensuring the client is aware of their options and possible outcomes. 

Batch Mewing Lawyers profile and reviews

3. Heathfield Grosvenor Lawyers

Healthfield Grosvenor

Location: Sydney, NSW.

Renowned for their excellence in astute and effective legal advice, Heathfield Grosvenor Lawyers are a leading firm in dispute resolution and litigation. Heathfield Grosvenor Lawyers provides great value, rated by the clients as ‘inexpensive’ , priding themselves on providing affordable legal advice.

Heathfield Grosvenor Lawyers profile and reviews.

4. MIA Contract Lawyers

MIA Contract Lawyers

Location: Carlton, Vic.

If you are looking for a smaller law firm with ample experience, then MIA Contract Lawyers is a great option. According to their FirmChecker reviews, dispute resolutions and litigation only makes up 15% of their practice. Hence, whilst it is a smaller portion of their practice than other firms listed here, MIA Contract Lawyers have an exemplary track record in dispute resolution and litigation matters.

MIA Contract Lawyers profile and reviews

5. Russells


Location: Brisbane & Sydney

Russells is another great option if you’re looking for a commercial law firm with a great track record for dispute resolution and litigation.

Notably, their clients consider them to be inexpensive and good value – but the sample size on price is quite low so bear that in mind. They typically charge on an hourly rate, so if you want a fixed fee they might not be the provider for you.

A great feature of the firm is that you’ll be working directly with some of the best senior lawyers in Sydney – it’s not a classic pyramid structure.

Russells profile and reviews

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