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Employment matters can be particularly complex. When considering a firm, it’s important to consider whether the firm mainly engages with employers or employees and what industries they service. FirmChecker allows you to see a breakdown of the industries the firm’s clients work in. In employment law, it’s important that the advice you receive is provided in a manner which is directly relevant to your industry.

We have compiled a list below of the top five employment and industrial law firms on FirmChecker. 



Location: Hawthorn, Vic.

Moores’ exceptional rating for employment and industrial law work has propelled them to the top of our list. Their responsiveness and communication is a standout feature of this firm’s practice, based on their client reviews. Furthermore, if you are looking for great value and a fixed fee pricing model, Moores is an excellent option.

Moores profile and reviews.


FCB Group

Location: North Sydney, NSW.

Whilst FCB group don’t have the same quantity of reviews as other firms listed here, their impressive client ratings and reviews reinforce they deserve to be on this list. Their clients specify that this is a firm who places significant emphasis on client experience. Responding immediately when things are urgent and going above and beyond in understanding the commercial realities of their clients. 

FCB profile and reviews

Sharrock Pitman Legal

Sharrock Pitman Legal

Location: Glen Waverley, Vic.

Sharrock Pitman Legal has been operating since the late 1960’s. They have a diverse and well-established practice. Whilst employment law isn’t the key focus of their practice such as firms below like Resolution123 and O’Reilly Workplace Law, if you are looking for a firm that will be able to service you across an array of areas of law, Sharrock Pitman Legal is a good option.

 Sharrock Pitman Legal profile and reviews



Location: Brisbane & Sydney.

Resolution123 is new to FirmChecker, but immediately stood themselves apart as one of the highest performing firms. With a plethora of recent, in-depth reviews, Resolution123 is a firm you can trust. Resolution123 pride themselves on quick, simple and affordable employment law advice. Lauded for their clear communication and fixed fee pricing, Resolution123’s team is quickly becoming one of the highest performing employment law firms on FirmChecker.

Resolution123 profile and reviews

O'Reilly Workplace Law

O'Reilly Workplace Law

Location: Burleigh Heads, Qld.

For workplace related matters – if you’re an employer – O’Reilly Workplace Law provides exceptional service to its clients. Some of the industries it specialises in includes professional services, tourism and registered & licensed clubs.

O’Reilly Workplace Law profile and reviews

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