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Auditing firms are an integral part of many business’ operations. So much reliance and trust is often placed on auditing firms. Hence, doing your own due diligence and finding a firm with an outstanding reputation and experience in your area of business is essential. For the latter, it is important to check the industries the firm predominantly services. You can find this information on the firm’s FirmChecker profile. We have compiled below a list of the top five auditing firm’s on FirmChecker to help you get started.

1. Addsum Accountants

Addsum Accounting

Location: Sydney, NSW.

Addsum is headquartered in Sydney with an office in Melbourne. They have an excellent client service record for foreign investor clients.

In assessing whether they’re the right auditing firm for you, you should note that their main target market is foreign investors in Australia. For local small businesses and individuals there may be options that are more tailored to your needs.

Addsum Accountants profile and reviews.

2. Williams Hall Chadwick QLD

Williams Hall Chadwick

Location: Brisbane, Qld.

Hall Chadwick QLD is a Chartered Accountancy firm established 35 years ago. They predominantly service the agiculture, forestry and fishing industries, aswell as professional, scientific & technical services. Their head office is located in Brisbane’s CBD, with other regional centres in Queensland.

Williams Hall Chadwick QLD profile and reviews

3. Shanahan Swaffield Partners

Shanahans Swaffield Partners

Location: Rockhampton City, QLD.

Shanahan Swaffield Partners offers a range of accounting services. The majority of their work is in tax services, however they have over 25 reviews for their auditing services with consistently high ratings. 

Shanahan Swaffield Partners profile and reviews.

4. SRJ Walker Wayland

Location: Brendale, QLD.

SRJ have offices throughout Queensland, in Brendale, Caboolture, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast. Their client reviews would indicate that they comparatively offer a cheaper service with a predominantly fixed fee pricing structure. Whilst their overall FirmChecker score is lower than most other firms discussed here, they receive glowing reviews for their auditing work, which comprises of roughly one-third of the work performed in their FirmChecker reviews.

SRJ Walker Wayland  profile and reviews

5. DFK Crosbie

DFK Crosbie

Location: Newcastle West NSW.

DFK Crosbie is one of the largest accounting firms on this list. Auditing is one of many services DFK Crosbie provides. Others include tax advice, SMSF and business advice. The industries they service, as per their FirmChecker reviews, is comprised of one-third hospitality. The remainder being an even spread of health care, professional services, construction and retail. You can find out more about their industries serviced by checking out their FirmChecker profile.

DFK Crosbie profile and reviews

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