Four Easy Ways to Get Great Reviews

When collecting reviews and feedback from your clients you’ll be best-served integrating it into your process so that you get ongoing benefit. This will help you:

  1. Make better strategic decisions, by measuring the impact of client services initiatives over time;
  2. Get higher response rates than if you do one big blast every few months;
  3. Respond tactically to both happy and unhappy clients; and
  4. Automate your feedback collection process.

In short, you’ll get more benefit for less work.

Here are a four easy ways you can reduce your workload and get insights that you can more easily take action on. We would recommend using two or more of these methods – the more touchpoints, the better.

1. Integrate your survey link into your email signature

This requires the minimal effort but brings the concept top-of-mind with your clients. It’s unlikely to yield a large direct response, but it will help remind clients in prior and subsequent communications so that, in combination with a direct request, your response rates will improve.

Here’s an image you can hyperlink with your unique survey link (available in Your Toolkit when you log into FirmChecker) to draw attention to the fact that you care about your client experience.

Another great way to remind clients about giving feedback is a sticker in your office, asking clients to review you on FirmChecker. It reinforces your more direct requests for feedback. This also signals to clients your confidence in the high quality of customer service you provide. You can get your free FirmChecker window sticker by emailing [email protected]

2. End of Matter Emails and Invoices

Combined with the email signature method above, which serves to increase awareness of your client feedback & reviews program, a direct call-to-action will yield the best result. It makes sense to do this at the end of a matter when clients are expecting communications from you and the matter is fresh in their mind.

You can do this through:

  1. Automated emails that are triggered when a piece of work is closed in your practice management system or CRM; and
  2. Key account managers reaching out personally; 

We recommend automating this process at a minimum so that you collect more reliable data. If the request is consistent across each and every client, your results will be more comparable because you’ll be making like-with-like comparisons. It also reduces human error and biases – i.e. relationship managers either forgetting, or “forgetting” to ask clients.

If you want to boost response rates on top of this standard request, there’s nothing wrong with asking personally – and doing so will improve your response rates.

3. Texting & Calling

Texting your clients with a link to your reviews is very effective and will likely get you the most responses. It’s relatively easy if it’s done manually in a disciplined way. If, however, you have a very large number of matters closing and need to automate it, consider these SMS automation tools to save you on labour.

4. Bulk emails from your CRM

Batching review requests can be effective if you’re doing your client research retrospectively. We recommend only doing this when you don’t yet have many reviews and want to bolster your data, or if for whatever reason you want to catch-up on those you’ve not asked for whatever reason. 

Using a marketing automation platform, like Mailchimp, will bring widespread attention to your feedback program quickly.  

Here’s a quick guide on how you can do this quickly after creating a free account.

1. Create your client list by going to ‘audience’, manage contacts and importing the relevant details.

2. Create your campaign by clicking ‘create’, then ’email’ and give your campaign a name.

3. Follow the prompts to style your email and fill out its contents

Tip: you can A/B test your subject lines and email copy to see what gets the best response among your client rate, using Mailchimp’s in-built analytics.

Set up a consultation with your FirmChecker account manager

If you’re unsure how to get started, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] to arrange a free consult with one of the FirmChecker team. Alternatively you can book a time in my calendar here.

About the Author

James Hampel is an Organic Growth Consultant at FirmChecker – Australia’s number 1 review site for lawyers and accountants.

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