Best Rated Law Firms in Sydney CBD & Inner City – 2020

The best lawyers in Sydney as rated by their clients

The Best Lawyers in Sydney – How Do You Choose?

You wouldn’t go to an expensive restaurant and pay $200 without checking ratings, reviews and pricing information first, so why would you treat law firms differently?

At FirmChecker, it’s our business to simplify the law for you. We collect and independently verify reviews for the best lawyers in Sydney. It’s our strong opinion that the only valid way to judge the best lawyers is by their clients’ happiness. You can find the smartest technical lawyer in Sydney, but if they have a bad record in client satisfaction, what’s the point?

These are typically big purchases and long-lasting relationships that can be life changing. You must get it right.

Key point: Don’t just go to straight to #1 – look at each firm’s experience and match it with your needs. 

A lot of law firms will tell you that they’re excellent in commercial law on their website. But, if you look at their experience, it might be a tiny percentage of what they do.

Get a fixed fee.

Our data also gives you an indication of the fee structures you’re likely to encounter. This is very important. Over thousands of reviews we’ve proven that you’re more likely to experience a good result if your provider charges a fixed fee. So, when negotiating with your lawyer, try to get a fixed fee – it will give you peace of mind that there will be no nasty surprises.

Hint: make sure you click on the link to each of these firms’ profiles to see a breakdown of their specific expertise.

To see a detailed breakdown of each firm, click on the link in their profile below. You’ll be able to see each individual review if you have an account with us.

If you want to analyse our data and slice/dice it in a way that suits you, just head to our search engine where you can filter by work type and sort by ratings and number of reviews. You can also use the search engine to find the best accountants in your local area.

The Fold Legal, Sydney

The Fold

Main areas of practice: Insurance, Banking & Finance

Banking & Finance Lawyers Sydney

The Fold Legal is a cutting-edge firm working primarily with SMEs in the financial services and credit industries. They’re experts in the Banking & Finance and Insurance sectors, so if you need lawyers in this area they come with our strong recommendation.

They have a reputation among their clients for efficiency, so if you’re a fast-moving business in the financial sector, they’re your best bet.

The Fold Legal profile and reviews

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Heathfield Grosvenor Lawyers

Healthfield Grosvenor

Main areas of practice: Commercial & Business, Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Heathfield Grosvenor Lawyers Sydney

A highly rated firm with a focus on delivering astute, effective and affordable legal advice in our areas of expertise, litigation & dispute resolution and corporate & commercial advisory services. 

Healthfield Grosvenor Lawyers profile and reviews

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Blue Ocean Law Group

Blue Ocean Group

Main areas of practice: Commercial & Business, Strategic Advisory

Blue Ociean Law Group Sydney

An up and coming, innovative firm that does things differently. Blue Ocean takes an interdisciplinary approach to its commercial law practice to ensure you’re getting what your company needs. It has a growing list of off-the-shelf legal documentation products to save you money where human input isn’t needed.

Blue Ocean Law Group profile and reviews

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Resolution123, Ultimo


Main areas of practice: Employment & Industrial (workplace)

Resolution123 Ultimo

Resolution123 gives quick, simple and affordable employment law advice for employees.

Resolution123 profile and reviews

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Korn MacDougall Legal

Korn Macbougall

Main area of practice: Criminal Law

Korn MacDougall Legal

Korn MacDougall is one of the best criminal law firms in Sydney, with a growing review list to back it up. If you have a criminal law matter you need assistance with, they are a good option.

Korn McDougall Legal profile and reviews

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Executive Legal, Sydney

Executive Legal

Main areas of practice: Criminal Law, Commercial & Business

Criminal Lawyers Sydney

This firms reviews are somewhat older, but they’ve got excellent scores overall.

We collected their reviews before we started collecting information on expensiveness, so you should proceed with this in mind.

Executive Legal do a lot of very good work in Criminal Law, which makes up 37% of their work. They do provide some services in Commercial & Business Law, which makes up 17% of their ratings.

Executive Legal profile and reviews

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Baybridge Lawyers, Sydney

Main areas of practice: Commercial & Business, Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Business Lawyers Sydney

Baybridge Lawyers in Sydney are primarily a commercial law firm, with a healthy dose of dispute resolution and litigation work in that space.

71% of their matters were classed by clients as Commercial & Business law, 23% Dispute Resolution & Litigation and 6% Intellectual Property & Technology. It should be noted there’s likely some cross-over here in the data – as many matters might have been for commercial or intellectual property disputes.

Baybridge Lawyers profile and reviews

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People & Culture Strategies, Sydney

People & Culture Strategies

Main areas of practice: Employment & Industrial, Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Employment & Workplace Lawyers Sydney

The main differentiator for People & Culture Strategies is they’re not just black-letter lawyers – they partner with you to help you run a better business, focusing on all things to do with your people. This is an innovative approach and the way forward with law firms.

90% of their work is in the Employment & Industrial space, so if you have a people problem in your business that you need solved holistically, they’re a good bet. They’ll work with you to have better policies and management in place so you can avoid disputes in the first place, not just knock them on the head when they occur.

A good option for people looking for a Sydney law firm that does all things people.

People & Culture Strategies profile and reviews

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Ledlin Lawyers, Sydney

Ledlin Lawyers

Main areas of practice: Bankruptcy & Debt, Commercial & Business

Bankruptcy Lawyers Sydney

If you’re looking for the best Sydney lawyers in bankruptcy, Ledlin Lawyers is a strong candidate. They focus on credit management, insolvency, dispute resolution and general business advisory for commercial clients.

39% of their work reviewed is from bankruptcy clients and at least 28% for other commercial matters. Dispute resolution is also a strong point in the commercial space.

Ledlin Lawyers profile and reviews

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Russells, Sydney


Main areas of practice: Commercial & Business, Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Business Dispute Lawyers Sydney

Russells is another great option if you’re looking for a commercial law firm with a good track record for delivering on client experience.

Notably, their clients consider them to be inexpensive and good value – but the sample size on price is quite low so bear that in mind. They typically charge on an hourly rate, so if you want a fixed fee they might not be the provider for you.

A great feature of the firm is that you’ll be working directly with some of the best senior lawyers in Sydney – it’s not a classic pyramid structure.

Russells profile and reviews

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& Legal, Double Bay

& Legal

Main areas of practice: Property & Planning, Wills & Estates

Property Lawyers Sydney

Based in Double Bay in Sydney, & Legal provides competitively priced services in a range of areas. While they’re a generalist firm in nature, they do a lot of work in for Wills & Estates and Property.

Their sample size is very strong, so you can be highly confident that their rates are competitive.

& Legal profile and reviews

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LegalVision, Pyrmont


Main areas of practice: Commercial & Business, Intellectual Property & Technology

Startup Lawyers Sydney

If you’re a start-up, you’ve probably already heard of them. Their marketing is brilliant (they’ve actually won awards for it!).

While they’re 8th on the list, this is a modern, price-competitive, largely online firm. They’re a great option if you’re after start-up or small business lawyers in Sydney. They’ll get your work done efficiently. That said, you won’t often build a personal rapport with your lawyer like you might with other firms.

Because they work with a lot of start-ups, they have a strong intellectual property division.

LegalVision profile and reviews

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Russell Kennedy

Russell Kennedy

Main areas of practice: Wills & Estates, Property & Planning

Russell Kennedy Aitken Lawyers

Headquartered in Melbourne, RK was formerly Aitken Lawyers in Sydney prior to a merger between the firms. It is a medium-large full service law firm with a good client service record. A good option if you’re looking for a larger firm with a bigger brand than many on this list.

Russell Kennedy profile and reviews

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Gilton Valeo, Sydney

Gilton Valeo

Main areas of practice: Immigration

At Gilton Valeo, Sydney Immigration Lawyers, we know our work changes lives. We change lives by making everything about immigration easy.

Gilton Valeo profile and reviews

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Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia, Parramatta

Main areas of practice: Criminal Law

Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia is a highly respected & experienced team of criminal lawyers in Sydney who regularly appear across Australia’s criminal courts, consistently achieving outstanding results.

Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia profile and reviews

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