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Brand Awareness

Your client relationships don’t start when your clients hire you. They start when they hear of you. Treat your brand accordingly.

In 2020, FirmChecker will be releasing a series of guides that will deep dive into how you can improve performance at each stage of your buyer-cycle.

We include insights from experts, case studies and exclusive FirmChecker data to help give your firm an edge.

This article is a preview of our detailed guide. The full guide is available here:  


What’s inside

1. Brand Awareness overview

The Australian legal-services market is super-competitive. You need to stand out. However, building brand awareness is neglected by most firms because it is difficult to cost-effectively find people who want to hear from you. We’ll delve into why it matters and share exclusive data from a real mid-tier firm’s brand funnel.

2. How to appeal to 97% of the market

Most firms make the mistake of only a very small segment of potential clients, because it has an easily measurable return on investment. This has counter-intuitive results. We’ll tell you how to both widen your aim AND save money in doing so.

3.  The importance of word-of-mouth

FirmChecker is all about cultivating word-0f-mouth growth for your firm. But there are several different types of word-of-mouth. We touch on the three major types and how you can make best use of each.


What others say

“The FirmChecker Guide is an excellent resource for law firm marketing teams looking to build brand awareness beyond traditional channels. It sheds light on the key ingredients to a successful digital strategy.” – Anthony Lieu, Head of Marketing, LegalVision

“This guide is jam packed with helpful hacks to help law firms grow their brand and their client list. A must read for any law firm looking to scale” –  Karen Finch, CEO OF Legally Yours

“The legal services market is ever more competitive. This means prosperous firms will be those using smart digital marketing to attract and win the type of clients they want. This guide is a great starting point that I highly recommend.” – George Beaton, Executive Chairman, beaton


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About the Author

Ben Farrow is the Managing Director of FirmChecker and consults with Beaton Research + Consulting, the leading management consultants to professional services firms in Asia-Pacific. He holds commerce and law degrees from the University of Melbourne and digital marketing certifications from Northwestern University. 

If you’d like a free consultation on how you can grow your firm throughout your buyer-cycle, book a free strategy session.


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