Case Study: How Cudmore Legal Wins Clients with FirmChecker

Cudmore Legal

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Once a week, we feature a top-performing firm on FirmChecker to share with you how they do it. 

Today we’re looking at how Cudmore Legal are using the platform to win more clients. 


Recap: the stages of buying

Clients go through several stages when making a purchase decision:

  1. Awareness
  2. Shortlisting options
  3. Purchase decision

It’s important to have different approaches at each of these stages because client priorities change at each point. 

You can grow awareness inexpensively by providing value-adding content to clients who are not yet ready to buy. This avoids a Google Adwords bidding war with your competitors and improves your performance further down in the funnel. 

You can get shortlisted by demonstrating your expertise in clients and showing an understanding of their business.

This remains critical at the point of purchase, as shown in the graphic below. 

Where does price come in?

However, another factor becomes much more prevalent at the point of purchase: price. 

Our research shows that, while price doesn’t cause purchase, it can be a barrier if it’s not dealt with effectively.

A FirmChecker profile helps you indicate that you provide good value for money to reduce this anxiety. 

How Cudmore Legal is winning more work through FirmChecker

Cudmore Legal is a family law practice based in Brisbane. Through their FirmChecker profile, they’ve been able to show that they are specialists in family law with a large number of happy clients. 

Further, they can show that they provide these services at a competitive price, with flexibility over fee structures depending on the client’s need. 

This has helped them to win more work through the platform, according to Lauren Costanzo, the firm’s director:

FirmChecker has provided us with a platform where prospective clients can look at our profile for real reviews and quickly see the benefits of choosing our firm. We have had clients come to us, and when we ask how they heard about us, they say that they saw us on FirmChecker. This kind of exposure and ease of access has seen our client base increase and promote our core values through real and verified reviews.

Next steps

If you’re looking to win more clients, we recommend getting started for free with FirmChecker. With our premium software coming in at only $99 per month and new clients being generated within just a couple of months – you can expect it to more than pay for itself very quickly. 

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Next week, we’ll be discussing client retention and recommendation – even bigger drivers of growth that FirmChecker will help you achieve!

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