Case study: LegalVision’s Expert Content Marketing Drives Brand Awareness

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As we discuss in our e-guide, How to Grow Your Firm Online, LegalVision is a great example of how to grow awareness among professional services clients. 

Crucially, LegalVision recognises that professional services purchases can be quite intimidating to clients because they have historically come across as arcane and expensive. To expand your firm’s brand awareness, trust, and eventually client-base, it’s important to add-value before you ever speak to clients. 

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Anthony Lieu, LegalVision’s Head of Marketing, said this of their strategy:

LegalVision’s content marketing strategy is centered around accessibility – not only in terms of free content that can readily be found online but also consistently producing high-quality content that is easy to understand. Accessibility is key to building trust and credibility with clients. This approach allows us to focus on providing as much value as possible to the client before they have even contacted the firm.

To grow their brand, they provide a large volume of self-help content that’s highly relevant to their target market:  specifically startups, entrepreneurs and small business owners.

This is usually in the form of blogs, downloadable resources and basic legal precedents/templates which the user can download and use for free. This builds trust with the user before they ever get in contact with LegalVision personally, and puts them in the box-seat to win work when the client is ready to buy. 

Downloadable content also captures contact information of these warm prospects which allows LegalVision to ‘remarket’ to them, proactively providing additional value until the prospect is ready to buy. It’s a genuine win-win for the firm and client. LegalVision is generous with its expertise and takes effort to produce high-quality content to the client’s benefit. In return, they win more business from clients who trust them more.

If you contrast this with the approach of many firms: i.e. to have a simple contact form on their website and charge money for the first consultation – it’s no wonder they’ve so rapidly grown in the small business market.  

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