FirmChecker Partners with LiSTNR to Launch ‘Full Blow Adult’

They say that the older you get, the bigger the problems, and that’s when adulting begins. To help provide professional advice to Millennials, LiSTNR has partnered with FirmChecker to launch a podcast series (‘Full Blown Adult’) based on commonly asked questions asked of professional advisers. In conjunction with the FirmChecker platform, it’s expected to go a long way to closing the knowledge gap as to when and from whom professional advice is needed.

It comes at a critical time, as many Millennials grapple with life-changing decisions with the imminent ‘Great Resignation’. Topics cover areas such as the legalities around starting a business, investing savings, making first home purchases, protecting million-dollar ideas, maximising tax returns, how social media posts can be potentially defamatory and getting married and divorced. It removes misunderstandings that can come from millennials trying to decipher Google search results.

Full Blown Adult features a self-reflective comedic monologue based on host Veronica Milsom’s own observations of becoming an adult and she then interviews an expert, provided by FirmChecker.

Milsom is a comedian, playwright and former radio announcer and hosts the award-winning Zero Waste Baby on LiSTNR. She wrote and appeared in TV series Hungry Beast, has had guest appearances on many TV shows including The Project and Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell, and has performed at both the Sydney and Melbourne International Comedy Festivals.

FirmChecker is Australia’s No.1 website for professional services reviews, providing reviews, ratings, and pricing information for consumers. It covers the legal, accounting, conveyancing, and bookkeeping sectors.

SCA Head of Commercial – Podcasts and Partnerships, Kim Norman, said: “Full Blown Adult is about simplifying the complex and sometimes overwhelming job of finding professional advice in an incredibly engaging way that will resonate with LiSTNR audiences and provides a perfect environment for FirmChecker’s offer.”

FirmChecker CEO and Co-Founder, Ben Farrow, said: “We’re so thrilled to partner with LiSTNR and Veronica to bring high quality and accessible advice to millennials. For way too long, the professional services market has been arcane, opaque, and scary – which is a real problem because professional advice is crucial for many life problems that we all face. Because of this, people go without advice and it’s to their detriment. Veronica helps breaks down these barriers and make professional expertise accessible and, most importantly, genuinely helpful – which is what we’re trying to achieve as a platform.”

Full Blown Adult will have eight episodes and is available on LiSTNR from 7 December.

Episode 1

For more information, please contact:

Rochelle Burbury

SCA Corporate Communications and PR Director

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