Firmchecker’s fresh new look!

Firmchecker’s excited to announce that we’ve refreshed our brand!

Here’s a quick summary of the changes you’ll see throughout the site. For the branding nerds among you, we’ll unpack the reasoning behind them! 

Name change

Whereas previously we were ‘FirmChecker’, we have changed our spelling to ‘Firmchecker’ for practical and aesthetic reasons. 

Practically, “FirmChecker” created confusion among various users of the platform. Those who treated our brand as one word would often refer to us as “Firmchecker” anyway, while those who saw it as two words would refer to us as “Firm Checker”. People were calling us by three names!

We want our name and value proposition to be seen as one easy, unified concept – hence the shift to “Firmchecker”. 

Aesthetically, with our new logo lockup, “Firmchecker” also just looks easier on the eyes. 

New colour scheme

Firmchecker has become an important trust mark for our users, so it’s critical that each user has a distinctive and memorable presence on our website, and that our widgets stand out on theirs.  

While our previous blue colours were easy on the eyes, they were less distinctive.

By switching to rich purples and bold pink colours, we give your brand a lustre that sets you apart.

New logo

Our new logo integrates several key components of the new Firmchecker brand.

The check represents what we do for both firms and clients, the chevron represents a hard-earned rank for firms, and the ‘F’ represents a trust mark that is distinctively Firmchecker.

New visuals in our rating scale

Our rating scales are distinctive and specific to professional services performance attributes. As such, we wanted to create a more distinctive rating scale in our surveys, profiles and widgets. 

To achieve this, we’ve borrowed the check from our logo and used it in place of ‘stars’ – which are commonplace among consumer reviews. 

Full marks on our scale is represented with the rich purple of our logo’s check.

Automated review collection!

We shipped this branding refresh with big new improvements to our platform – including the ability to automate your review collection! 

Check out a description of this feature here and how it can benefit your firm.

About the author

Ben Farrow is the CEO & Co-founder of Firmchecker. Prior to starting the company, Ben worked as a consultant with Beaton. He has law and economics degrees from The University of Melbourne.