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AJ & Co Lawyers

AJ & Co Lawyers is a Brisbane-based law firm, specializing in commercial law. This is their first time being involved with FirmChecker and the Client Choice Awards. They are a firm that prides itself on delivering results and solving problems. This is echoed by their clients, as they have one of the highest ratings for ‘reliability’ on the FirmChecker platform.

Learn more about this impressive firm and its approach to client service in the interview below with Andrew Johnson, the Managing Partner at AJ & Co Lawyers.

What do you identify as being a key factor in your firm’s success?

Two things – we always put the client first and we focus on outcomes. This is a simple approach, but it underpins everything we do. It is why we emphasize industry and business experience in our recruiting, why we always consider value before issuing an invoice and most importantly, why we make sure that any advice we provide cuts through legal jargon and focuses on what the client actually requires to achieve their business objectives. This approach attracts people who are self-motivated, service orientated and want to be part of a culture that delivers results, whilst genuinely enjoying what they do.

How did you respond to the challenges faced over the last year?

We recognized that COVID-19 would impact everything – our staff, our clients and how we operate. We first made sure everybody had access to whatever they needed to do their job properly and effectively, including relevant support services. Then we constantly asked the question “how we could provide a more efficient and responsive service” to our clients. This included not just obvious things like being able to easily video call to talk through issues when physical meetings were not possible, but practical things like what Government grants or other support were available to clients in particular industries and what steps could they take to manage the risk of COVID-19 on their particular business. The last 12 months has seen everything change – you cannot survive by focusing on why something cannot be done, you have to ask how to do it.

What do you prioritize in your client service?

Responsiveness, practicality and honesty. Our clients value us because we will tell them what we think. We won’t present three possible solutions and say, “pick one”. We will take them through the pros and cons of each and recommend why we think a particular option is the best approach. Because we focus as much on industry knowledge and commercial nous as we do legal excellence, our clients have frank conversations with us about their business challenges and objectives. We also recognize that business does not rest, so we are available when our clients need us to deliver what they require. 

How has FirmChecker helped you achieve this success?

We seek regular feedback from clients every day, but the FirmChecker process allows the client to sit down independently and write bluntly what they think. Our average score of 9.4 is a testament to the client service provided by our exceptional team, but even with such a score we also reflected on the areas noted for improvement. You can never standstill. You always have to ask how you can do things better – FirmChecker is a great way to get that honest feedback from clients.

Find out more about AJ & Co Lawyers with a live breakdown of their client service on their FirmChecker profile.

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