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Brown & Brown Conveyancers

Brown & Brown Conveyancers have a long history of excelling on FirmChecker and with the Client Choice Awards. They were named as a finalist for Best Conveyancing Firm (<$30m revenue) in 2020. With 83 reviews on FirmChecker, Garth Brown and the team at Brown & Brown Conveyancers excel at getting the best deal for their clients. If you look through FirmChecker profile you will see this phrase appear in most reviews. Garth has an insightful approach to client service and building a successful business. This is evident in the interview below with Garth Brown.

What do you identify as being a key factor in your firm’s success?

Like Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos obsessed with continuous analysis to improve the client experience and journey, concentrating on a small number of clients – with the highest quality service of connection with each Client. No cookie-cutter approach. No one else is responsible, the buck stops with me. Always the first point of contact. Enjoy what you do and be well paid for it.

How did you respond to the challenges faced over the last year?

Ready to respond and learn new skills. E.g. Zoom and Teams meetings,  never really challenge myself in these technology areas, now a professional, adjusting settings in Zoom, running my own webinars, meetings with Clients via these video conference systems. All about getting uncomfortable and trying new things.

What do you prioritize in your client service? 

Client’s need to know you care – (from first time they call your office)  prompt telephone or email replies and eBooks and apps outlining what the journey ahead is and what you will encounter. You need to start off well with a Client perception about your service or the horse has bolted, very hard to retrieve the Client confidence in your firm. Phone at least once a week to say hi, how are you going.

How has Firm Checker helped you achieve this success?

Definitely – people look at reviews and testimonials as to who to place their trust in you, as you build up a large number of reviews, gives the Client confidence to pick up the phone and enquire.
So much so I have authored a book for Lawyers and Conveyancers:

Find a full breakdown of Brown & Brown Conveyancers’ client service and expertise on their FirmChecker profile.

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