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Cudmore Legal

Cudmore Legal is new to the Client Choice Awards. This year is their first entry and nomination for the awards. They are a family law and divorce law practice with offices in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. Lauded by their clients for excelling in the handling of delicate issues and negotiations, Cudmore Legal is a fantastic entry into the 2021 Client Choice Awards for the category of Best Law and Related Services Firm (<$30m revenue).

Director, Lauren Costanzo has provided insight into the firm’s success and approach to client service.

What do you identify as being a critical factor in your firm’s success? 

At Cudmore Legal, our dedication to client service is different from what is considered ‘typical’ of a law firm. Unlike the ‘typical’ law firm, we don’t have fancy city offices or massive suburban street fronts; instead, we invest in our internal structure. The key to our success is our investment in our people and technology – not in our signs and windows. We invest heavily in our people and the tools they have to do the job, not where they do it. Having healthy, well-rounded, well-versed and well-connected people allows us to provide clients with an experience they might not get at a ‘typical’ law firm.  Technological time-saving initiatives allow us to systematically check in with all past, present and potential clients, ensuring that what we deliver or have delivered is what they want, providing a real and unique human connection that clients might not get at the ‘typical’ law firm. And, this human connection is the key to our success. 

How did you respond to the challenges faced over the last year? 

Cudmore Legal was founded to provide legal services effectively and efficiently using purpose-built technology to improve, not hinder client experience. As an agile technology-driven firm, when COVID-19 happened, we were well prepared to adapt to the changing market. Due to our existing flexible workplace arrangements and IT structure, it was easy for us to modify and improve our legal services to the COVID-19 market. Our clients appreciated our ability to continue our services with limited interruption throughout the various lockdowns and restrictions over the last year. Cudmore Legal adapted so well to 2020 that we were listed as one of Brisbane’s top three law firms for 2021 by independent reviewer ThreeBestRated.

What do you prioritise in your client service? 

We prioritise client service, full stop. We don’t throw all of our clients into one basket. Our people are trained to instinctively work out what is essential to each client and offer it. We see client service as both a big picture and a fine-detail issue. Our solution is strong firm policies surrounding client service while still providing tailored solutions for individual clients. We want our clients to feel good about our dealings with them, before, during, and even after our relationship has ended.  

How has FirmChecker helped you achieve this success? 

FirmChecker has provided us with a platform where prospective clients can look at our profile for real reviews and quickly see the benefits of choosing our firm. We have had client’s come to us, and when we ask how they heard about us, they say that they saw us on FirmChecker. This kind of exposure and ease of access has seen our client base increase and promote our core values through real and verified reviews.

Find a full breakdown of Cudmore Legal’s client service and expertise on their FirmChecker profile.

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