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EB Conveyancing

EB Conveyancing is nominated for Best Conveyancing Firm (<$30m revenue) at the 2021 Client Choice Awards. This is their first year being involved with the Awards. They have distinguished themselves through their considered approach to client experience, offering 24/7 service. If you read their reviews on their FirmChecker profile you will see this is something their clients value greatly. Read the interview below with Michael Balmer, Director of EB Conveyancing for fascinating insights into their innovative approach to conveyancing and client service.

What do you identify as being a key factor in your firm’s success?  

Our communication standard, which forms the basis for our business mission statement and the model on which we based our entire practice from. We have the ability to provide a mobile service, along with a CBD based office. Our availability is also a huge part of what sets us apart and makes us successful. We operate via mobile phones. From this, we have a highly active social media presence so we can connect with clients 24/7, practice software accessible on our phones and the ability for clients to also contact us outside of business hours and on weekends, via email, sms, social media and by calling.

How did you respond to the challenges faced over the last year? 

We were a brand new business. Opening 1 month prior to COVID. We started small and at a home office to mitigate costs and this paid dividends when COVID struck. We didn’t have the large over heads of established businesses and the need to stand down staff. It allowed us to concentrate on establishing our brand and quickly open our CBD office. Our online presence provided a change to how people view the property law sector and assisted in increasing potential clients awareness of us. COVID actually turn out as a bit of a blessing in a business sense for us.

What do you prioritize in your client service? 

Communication and availability. When we created the firm it was the basis from where everything flowed. Life doesn’t happen usually between 9-5 and with a lot of clients working between these time, we wanted to have availability to everyone when they needed us. We also wanted to ensure that clients would never have to ask the question “what is happening with my matter”?

How has FirmChecker helped you achieve this success? 

FirmChecker has given our clients a simplistic means of providing meaningful feedback. This in turn has provided us with areas we can look at improving and changing our practice to provide an even better service to our clients. Along with the opportunity provided with being recognised as an industry leader, within our first 12 months of business is absolutely phenomenal.

You can find a full breakdown of EB Conveyancing’s service and expertise on their FirmChecker profile.

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