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The Fold has excelled on both FirmChecker and the Client Choice Awards over the past few years. They were the winner of Best Banking & Finance Firm (<$30m revenue) at the 2020 Client Choice Awards. The Sydney-based firm has also amassed over 150 reviews on FirmChecker. Most notably praised for being exceptionally reliable and having expert knowledge in the industries they service.

Find out more about this impressive firm’s approach to success and client service in the following interview with Emma Zadow, CEO of The Fold.

What do you identify as being a key factor in your firm’s success?

The Fold’s focus is solely on financial services and credit. This industry specialism means we have a deep understanding of the regulatory environment our clients operate in, and the challenges they face. We are sought out for our advice in niche areas where there are very few other firms with comparable experience and expertise – particularly within the areas of fintech/insurtech and alternative insurance solutions.

The feedback received through FirmChecker reflects this, with clients rating us very highly for both expertise and understanding their needs. Our industry knowledge combined with our technical expertise means we can provide solutions that support clients to be successful both today and in tomorrow’s market. We think this is key to our success, with clients saying one of the things they value most is that we don’t just deliver what they ask for, but grow their understanding of things they didn’t even know they needed.

How did you respond to the challenges faced over the last year?

Our focus has been on supporting both our team and our clients throughout the challenges of the pandemic. Some early financial decisions in 2020, combined with a number of large projects during the pandemic, enabled us to maintain a strong position to now continue on our growth trajectory. Like everyone, remote working has changed the way we engage both with clients and as a team. Over the last year we have attended and hosted client meetings, events, and training via videoconference, and collaborated and socialised as a team through Microsoft Teams and Whatsapp – in many ways learning more about each other on a personal level than we would have had the opportunity to otherwise.

In response to tightening budgets, we focused on providing more flexible, cost-effective solutions. Clients particularly valued the option of purchasing our compliance manuals and templates (available on our eStore) to reduce legal spend whilst still managing their regulatory obligations. We developed workflows to ensure these materials were always up-to-date and saw a 41% increase in sales from 2019.

What do you prioritise in your client service?

Responsiveness and communication continue to be priorities, and it’s great that these areas, as well as our ability to quickly turn around work, have been identified by clients through the FirmChecker feedback as our strengths. We’re improvement-focused and want to ensure we’re always delivering more value and a better experience for our clients. Going forward, we have a continued focus on managing client expectations (so there’s never any surprises on deadlines or fees), with a key priority being to ensure that the high level of client service we’ve seen commented on in the FirmChecker feedback is consistent across our firm for all clients, in every interaction they have with us.

How has FirmChecker helped you achieve this success?

Whilst it’s always nice to be recognised, we choose to enter the Client Choice Awards because, as a small firm, it provides us with a great tool to access a broad range of client feedback. The feedback gathered by FirmChecker shows us that we are definitely on the right track when it comes to client service, and lets us know what clients particularly value so we can keep doing those things. The feedback also shows the areas where we’re continuing to improve and informs what our key areas of focus will be for the next year.

Find out more about The Fold’s client service and expertise on their FirmChecker profile.

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