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Genuine Conveyancing

Genuine Conveyancing has been awarded Best Conveyancing Firm (<$30m revenue) for 2021. This is a phenomenal achievement for this impressive conveyancing firm in Officer, Victoria. Whilst their clients rated them exceptionally high across the board, it was the firm’s care for clients and understanding of client needs that really stood out in their ratings and reviews. Cyndal Reumer, the owner of Genuine Conveyancing, has detailed the firm’s focus on caring for clients as they navigate the stressful process of buying and selling houses. Find out more about this and their approach to client service in the interview below.

What do you identify as being a key factor in your firm’s success?

We are genuine and act with empathy and compassion towards our clients.

Buying and selling properties as well as transferring properties for a range of different reasons can be stressful, emotional and exhausting. Each client has a different scenario playing out and it is important that we show our clients that we genuinely care and that we are there to support them in any way we can.

How did you respond to the challenges faced over the last year?

Being a paperless office, we were able to adapt quite easily. Staff had already been able to work from home so that transition to the covid restrictions making it mandatory for staff to work from home was quite seamless.

We did stop face to face appointments with clients but with modern day technology, we were still able to transact all matters smoothly. Most of our dealing with clients have always been over the phone and via email as it seems to be the most suitable option for our clients even though they are always welcome to come in for an appointment (within covid guidelines).

What do you prioritize in your client service?

The main focus I believe for us is ensuring clients know that we care. It not just about responding to clients in a reasonable timeframe but showing them that we genuinely do care and want to assist them in the best way that we can.

How has FirmChecker helped you achieve this success?

FirmChecker has helped us realise how much our clients value our service. We joined FirmChecker through our association with Leap and have been very grateful for the positive feedback we have received. We love what we do and it is a nice reminder of the importance our customer service means to each of our clients.

Find out more about Genuine Conveyancing’s client service on their FirmChecker profile.

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