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Varga Lawyers are an Adelaide-based law firm, specialising in family law and wills & estates. Renowned for providing exceptional client service, this was recognised at the 2021 Client Choice Awards, winning Best Law & Related Services Firm (<$30m revenue). Looking through their client ratings and reviews you will see that Varga Lawyers excel at understanding client needs and the complexities of their client’s situation. Always providing advice in a straightforward and compassionate manner.

Vanessa Varga, Director of Varga Lawyers has provided further insights into the firm’s approach to client service and how this has contributed to their success.

What do you identify as being a key factor in your firm’s success?

We understand our clients’ needs holistically.  Our clients experience compassion, empathy and understanding, whilst at the same time receiving fierce advocates.  We have a unique hands-on approach, building strong relationships with our clients to support them through their legal matters. 

Our exceptionally high standards lead to an exceptional service.  We are relatable, determined and thorough in our approach. 

How did you respond to the challenges faced over the last year?

The challenges faced last year were similar to that of other years.  In relation to COVID-19, fortunately we weren’t significantly affected in South Australia.  On a practical level we transitioned to online meetings and socially distanced in the office.  Our practice has continued to grow from strength to strength.

What do you prioritize in your client service?

We provide a client-centred service, prioritising our clients’ needs.  The most important people in our firm are our clients; without them we would not exist.  We strive to remember that with every file we work on.  We all have a story, this is at the forefront of our minds when we undertake legal work.  It is our role to try improve that story, twist the screenplay from a circumstance which appears dire to one which has hope.

How has FirmChecker helped you achieve this success?

FirmChecker provided with us with a great forum to receive feedback on the service we provide in a transparent manner.  The transparency of the platform provides our clients, both current and future, with the ability to read about the experiences of other clients and ascertain if our firm is suited to their needs.  Given that all of our clients have provided us with extremely positive feedback, FirmChecker has facilitated in the growth and recognition of our firm.

You can find out more about Varga Lawyers and their exceptional client service here.

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