Case study: Getting Shortlisted in Professional Services

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Once a week, we feature a top-performing firm on FirmChecker to share with you how they do it. 

Today we’re looking at how Heathfield Grosvenor Lawyers are using the platform. 


Awareness is not enough

As we’ve flagged in our previous posts, awareness of your firm is itself not enough to grow. While you might achieve strong growth by throwing money at the problem, there will likely be a lot of waste. 

The chart above demonstrates this point, using real data from a mid-sized law firm. 

~26% of its target market are aware of the firm, but only a small percentage have considered using it. It must improve its rate of shortlisting to save money on its marketing.

Effective content marketing (as we discussed last week) improves shortlisting. However, it should not be your only tool. In addition, leverage social proof via detailed reviews so you can stand out from the crowd, instead of being ignored.

How Heathfield Grosvenor Lawyers is using data to increase shortlisting

Chris Chang, Solicitor Director of Heathfield Grosvenor Lawyers, explains why having detailed reviews is so important to increasing shortlisting behaviour:

“In this day and age prospective and discerning clients who are looking for legal representation will more often than not do their research and peruse different options for their legal services provider online.  Aside from online content, and best efforts in relation to search engine optimisation and advertising generally, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd and provide those discerning clients with the requisite level of comfort to decide to make that call or send that email to you. 

FirmChecker provides an independent and verified review system based on valid and authentic testimonials from real people that can in our opinion overcome this problem.  Further, the insights and statistics that are then compiled and which are either published or otherwise available for analysis are in our opinion second to none. 

This has helped us gain invaluable insight with respect to our performance as a firm because, at the end of the day, the correct approach to measuring a firm’s success is not measured by its financial performance but rather what its clients think about their people, service, culture, and so forth.”

A big part of this is HG Law’s ability to not just show it provides excellent service, but has a great track record in areas that clients need, using verified data.

They can also showcase their broad industry experience, which demonstrates their ability to give strategic advice. This is critical in getting shortlisted because prospective clients want to see you’ve worked with businesses like them and have commercial acumen. 

What to do about it

In a market as competitive as legal services (or accounting for that matter), where thousands of providers are doing similar things (at least as far as the prospective client can tell), it’s critical to give them comfort that your firm is different from others. 

With such consequential purchases, clients want the best specialists for their area of need. 

Using FirmChecker as an independent data source can help clients make this decision. 

Next steps

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