How to get awesome client reviews WITHOUT the anxiety (free templates)

An expert guide for lawyers and accountants on how to get the most out of client voice.

Feedback and Reviews: threatening and risky

Asking for client feedback is threatening. Asking for client reviews feels risky.

“Feedback” threatens our identity as professionals. We’re giving someone the opportunity to say to you “you worked hard on something, and you thought you did a good job, but you didn’t”.


Asking for online client reviews feels risky for one simple reason: “what if they tell everyone we’re terrible?”

Even worse!

Why it matters


If you don’t ask for feedback you can’t spot weaknesses and you won’t improve. You’ll also miss opportunities and fail to double-down on strengths.

This matters. If you don’t continuously improve in a hyper-competitive market you’re dead.


If you don’t ask for reviews, you’re waiting for people to leave them unprompted.

The problem is that anger is activating and contentment is not. If you leave clients to their own devices your online presence will skew negatively.

Even if your business is all referred, the problem is that while most clients find a firm through word-of-mouth, the vast majority now background check firms with online reviews before making a purchase.

In fact, over 75% of respondents on our panel of accounting clients said they check reviews before making a final decision. Nearly 95% of legal clients check reviews if they’re available!

Why wait until an angry person leaves one?

Why not re-frame it as advice?

It’s human nature to procrastinate and avoid things that are uncomfortable.

So why not re-frame it? Why not ask for advice?

Asking for advice is disarming and constructive. It frames an interaction in a constructive light and positions the client as someone whose opinion matters. It doesn’t treat them like a box check, and the usefulness of the data you collect will change accordingly.

The gains to constructive advice from your buyers can’t be underestimated.

Templates: a starting point for collecting advice on FirmChecker (rather than feedback)

Of course, you should edit these to suit the personality and brand of you firm, but the templates below are a good starting point when you’re using FirmChecker (when you subscribe to Premium your clients have the option to leave public reviews or private feedback).


Hi [First Name],

Thank you for working with us!  

Service is our priority – so we’d love to hear about your experience with our firm.

If you had a good experience, could you please help others find us with a public review?

If you didn’t, we’d really appreciate some honest private advice on how we can do better next time.

You can give feedback or leave a review via this link: [your survey link]

This will help us serve you and others better.

Thanks again,

[Your name]



Hi [First Name],

Just a friendly reminder – we’d love your thoughts on the work we did.

If you thought that we did a good job we’d love it if you gave us a public review. Otherwise, could you please give us some honest private advice on how to do better next time?

You can do both here [your survey link].

We’d really appreciate your thoughts!


[Your name]

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Ben Farrow is the Managing Director of FirmChecker – Australia’s number 1 review site for lawyers and accountants. He holds commerce and law degrees from the University of Melbourne and digital marketing certifications from Northwestern University. 

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