FirmChecker just launched a new search bar!

We’re excited to announce we’ve just shipped a brand-new search bar for our users – and we’d love to know what you think!

Why we’ve changed direction

At FirmChecker, we firmly believe professional services will continue to transition online. These changes are structural. Rather than being driven by the pandemic, the shift online has simply accelerated an underlying trend. 

This has informed the design of our search bar (which you can find at – which is much more location-agnostic.

The reality is, younger buyers (aged 25-40) will often never meet their professional services providers (or even their colleagues) in-person. While in some cases having a physical presence is necessary (like for in-person court appearances), the significant majority of legal, accounting, financial planning, conveyancing, mortgage broking and bookkeeping can now be done virtually. 

Our aim is to match service-seekers with the best professionals for their needs, irrespective of location. 

What to expect

Our new search bar is an industry-first – with no need to pre-filter your search by location, profession or practice area. Just start typing and you’ll be matched to what you need in no time! It’s super-powerful and accomodates many different behaviours our users display.

Searching by problem

Sometimes, people won’t know the precise profession they need for a job. Most clients don’t know that there are lots of different types of accountants or lawyers…they just know what their problem is!

Our new search bar helps. 

For example, an employee or employer might be involved in a workplace bullying dispute. If they type “Workplace bullying”, they will be presented with our top specialist providers of Employment & Industrial legal services, and a link to a listing page of all such providers in Australia. 

The user will then be able to refine their search by location on our listing pages if they wish. 

Searching by location

Another use case we cater for is searching by location. If a service-seeker types “Sydney” for example, they will be asked to refine their search for the type of professional they’re looking for – before being taken to their results page. They’ll then be able to further refine their search by practice area specialty. 

Searching for a specific firm

If a service-seeker wants to find a specific firm, they’ll be able to do so more easily than ever before. 

All they have to do is type the name and it will be returned with lightning-fast results. 

Firms who have claimed their listing can brand their profile so that they stand out in search queries. 

Common ‘plain-English’ searches

Sometimes, a user might simply want a lawyer in their area, but not know what type of lawyer they need. We prompt the user to specify what they specifically want so that they can get better results. 

Consider a Sydney-based financial services professional who needs a lawyer who’s an expert in their business. They might type “lawyers in sydney”. They’ll then be presented with a list of options so that they can get the specialist they really need at the click of a button. 

Bringing it all together

Service-seekers want convenience, trust, and specialisation. 

Our new search algorithm helps match them with the right provider in a faster, easier and more precise way than ever before. 

As a firm, this means you’ll be matched with more clients who are a better fit for your firm. 

We will have many iterations over the coming months – this is version 1. In the meantime, we’d love your feedback on how we can make it better still! 

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Coming soon

We have exciting new product developments in our pipeline for the rest of this year. Stay tuned as we release them in the coming months!

And, if you haven’t already – join the 500+ firms on FirmChecker getting a jump on the rest of the market!

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