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Hall Payne Lawyers

Rachel Fyfe at Hall Payne (HP) sat down with Gat at FirmChecker (FC) to discuss what the practice stands for.

What Makes Hall Payne Lawyers Different

FC: How would you describe Hall Payne?

HP: With principles of fairness and equality at heart, we have a proud history of fighting for the rights of everyday Australians. We are a law firm that doesn’t fear the difficult or unknown and we aim to provide advice and resolve your disputes as efficiently and fairly as possible.

While Hall Payne is big enough to give you the breadth of expertise you’d expect from a large firm, we’re small enough to give you personalised and friendly service to help guide you through your legal matter, whether it be a basic Will or a highly complex case.

FC: What are your main areas of expertise?

HP: Our main areas of expertise are: 

  • Personal Injuries
  • Industrial & Employment Law
  • Discrimination 
  • Superannuation & Insurance 
  • Family Law
  • Wills & Estates 
  • Criminal Law
  • Conveyancing 
  • Immigration

FC: Do you serve industry or demographic niches?

HP: We serve the union industry by looking after their members’ needs, we also fight for the rights of everyday Australians and are known for giving expert advice on a range of legal issues to various Individuals.

FC: What is your key point of difference in approaching client service?

HP: Our impressive track record of helping Australians from all walks of life has seen us become one of Australia’s most well-respected plaintiff law firms. ‘Work. Life. Fairness.’ This has been our approach for over two decades.

We deliver on it too, which is why referrals are our biggest source of new clients.

FC: What’s the most common question you get from clients, and what advice would you give them in tackling this problem?

HP: How long will it take to finalise this matter? 

Each matter is circumstantial, and it is dependent on the individual’s situation and the jurisdiction in which the matter is dealt with.

We can provide clear, easy-to-understand advice to everyday Australians and break down your matter into bite-size pieces. This way it’s manageable, and you won’t get nasty surprises.

FC: Why have you decided to join FirmChecker?

HP: We would like to continue to raise brand awareness out into the community and help Australians get the help and advice they need. With FirmChecker we believe this would support this with the reviews and client interaction and searches it receives.

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