FirmChecker just launched a new search bar!

We’re excited to announce we’ve just shipped a brand-new search bar for our users - and we’d love to know what you think! Why we’ve changed direction At FirmChecker, we firmly believe professional services will continue to transition o...Read More

ALPMA Partners with FirmChecker

Helping firms grow FirmChecker and the Australasian Legal Practice Management Association (ALPMA) are pleased to announce a new partnership with significant member discounts. ALPMA members that sign up to FirmChecker will: Access Australia'...Read More

How to grow your law firm online

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Why I joined FirmChecker – Gat Tholbok

We caught up with Gat Tholbok, our new Business Growth Specialist, to tell us about his experience and why he's excited to join the FirmChecker team. Tell us a bit about yourself, Gat. My full name is Gatluak, but most people call me by the s...Read More

Best Law Firm Marketing Tools

The most important consideration for firms exploring digital marketing is return on investment. It is easy to be distracted by clicks, impressions, and landing page views. Too often marketers look at all the ways the system is working, rather than s...Read More

Bootstrapping a Business

This article was written and originally published by Bottrell Business Consultants. You can find out more about Bottrell Business Consultants by visiting their FirmChecker listing here. What is Bootstrapping? Bootstrapping a business is when...Read More

How to implement a successful client feedback program

Client feedback tools are like gym memberships. They work if you use them. Why client feedback is critical Client feedback isn’t just “nice to have” – it’s critical and urgent. Positive feedback motivates staff and makes work mean...Read More