9 Soft Skills the Best Lawyers Use to Grow their Practice

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6 Steps to Creating a 6-Star Client Experience

This post on client experience is based on the Masters of Scale Podcast’s episode featuring Airbnb’s Brian Chesky.  When you face the pressures of growing your practice, it’s easy to forget about designing your client experience empathicall...Read More

The false economy of hourly rates, Part 1

Fee Structures in Professional Services Firms In this post, we discuss which fee structures your clients prefer, and what your competitors are doing about it. We surveyed over 6,000 clients of Law, Accounting, Bookkeeping and Coveyancing firms.  Int...Read More

The False Economy of Hourly Rates, Part 2

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Client Feedback Benchmarks: Accounting Firms 2017

Background In this post we explore accounting benchmarks in client feedback from the Professional Services Awards survey in late 2017.  The Awards are primarily about collecting client feedback, good, bad or ugly, and improving your service. Throug...Read More

Client centric? Ask your clients.

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All-female firm takes out top gong for bookkeeping

An innovative, Melbourne-based bookkeeping firm has made its mark on the Australian financial services sector by proving that remote work, flexible hours and mothers working part-time is no barrier to providing the best client service. The all-fem...Read More

No neckties, no time-based billing: just good business

A small Ballarat accounting firm has taken the national professional services industry by storm, beating many larger, city-based accounting firms to Australia’s top prize for practices that service private clients. AC Accounting & Business S...Read More

New franchise set to dominate conveyancing industry

A growing Queensland conveyancing firm is out to prove that franchising is not just for fast-food outlets. The Noosa-based firm, bytherules Conveyancing, was named Best Conveyancing Firm in Australia at the 2017 NAB Professional Services Awards on...Read More