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SEO is hard

SEO is a challenge for most professional services firms. Most think of it as something that’s only done for their own website to get more traffic. While it’s helpful to rank well for relevant keywords so you can win new business from those in-market, it is difficult and takes time.

For example, you can’t just create a new website and expect to rank #1 for “Best Family Lawyers in Sydney” straight away.

However, there are other SEO opportunities that are easier to achieve, and arguably higher impact for lawyers, accountants and other professionals.

What do people see when they Google YOUR firm?

It’s important to remember how most professional services clients buy. The vast majority don’t just Google the service they are after. Rather, they:

  1. Ask their friends and family for recommendations, and then
  2. They Google YOU (not “Best Family Lawyers Sydney”)

If you’re only thinking about SEO in terms of getting more traffic from competitive keywords, you’re failing to consider how most people actually engage with your brand online. You’re also picking a very competitive battle over which you have minimal control.

As a result, subscribers who recognise this problem ask don’t ask us “how do we rank better for big keywords”. They say, “How do we make our FirmChecker Profile rank higher when people search for us?”

The benefit is obvious: it makes your brand more trustworthy to prospective clients and improves conversion rates.

How Your Profile Can Show Up in Google 

Allan Hall Business Advisers has a stellar FirmChecker Presence

How to Execute Your New SEO Strategy

There are no silver-bullets in SEO: Google’s algorithm is an ever-changing black box.

However, here are some actions that reliably boost your profile’s performance over time.

  1. Link your social profiles to FirmChecker
  2. Embed your survey request in your email signatures
  3. Add your widgets to your website
  4. Request a review after each matter with your unique survey link

Tip: Consistency Matters!

Google looks for relevant and up-to-date content. Getting feedback after each matter is the best way to ensure your profile ranks well.  Plus, it means you’re on the pulse of your client experience!

Getting Started

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