So, you got married…now what?

This episode focuses on family law, and how it applies to you when you’re in a relationship. Whether you’re married or living with a partner, there are things most people don’t know (but should) about how things work if the relationship doesn’t work out.

In this episode, Luke from Cudmore Legal and Veronica discuss:

  • How the Family Law Act can apply to you, whether or not you’re married
  • Costs asssociated with divorce, property settlements and child custody
  • Australia’s ‘no fault’ divorce laws
  • Pre-nups
  • The importance of upfront and honest conversations and planning with your partner
  • Why it’s crucial to keep things amicable, as difficult as that might be

Luke brings an expert perspective that’s really worth listening to for anyone with a significant other (no matter how well your relationship is going!)


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