The Top 8: The Best Accountants in Western Sydney for 2019

April 4, 2019
The Top 8: The Best Accountants in Western Sydney for 2019

The Best Accountants in Western Sydney – 2019

If you’re like most 21st Century buyers you check reviews before you make a purchase decision. It’s basic due diligence and can stop you making howlers that kill your business’s bottom line or hurt your personal finances for little result. And yet, barely anyone uses reviews for accountants or lawyers. Why? If you don’t, it seems unlikely you’ll find the best accountants in Western Sydney. 

Enter FirmChecker. We collect and verify independent ratings and client reviews of the best accountants in Western Sydney. You no longer have to worry about getting a bad experience because we significantly reduce that risk.

We also give you a voice. If you have a great experience, tell other clients! If you have a mediocre experience, tell other clients and tell the firm you used how they can do better! With your help we can massively improve professional services.

Tip 1: Dig Deeper. 

If you look at just the rating, you may not get a detailed view of who the best accountants in Western Sydney are for your purposes. If you look at the firms’ profiles you can see individual reviews to see if their clients are like you, and you can also check whether they have experience in the types of work you need.

Details matter here.

Tip 2: Price certainty trumps price

Check what fee arrangements firms offer on their profiles. If it’s only hourly rates, note that this can be a bit of a false economy. $300 an hour might look a lot cheaper than $3,000 at first, but if it takes your accountant longer than 10 hours to complete a piece of work you might be in for a nasty shock.

Our research shows that people who get fixed fees agreed upfront are generally happier than those who get charged by the hour.

Tip 3: Help others. 

The reason you can access this data is because others have taken the time to share their experiences with you. We’d implore you to do the same. It can massively improve the industry.

Tip 4: Search

Our data doesn’t stop here – you can use our powerful search engine to drill down to what you really need.

1.Chan & Naylor, Bankstown

Main areas of practice: Tax, Financial Planning

Chan & Naylor is a national property, business tax accounting and wealth advisory group – with more than a dozen offices in major capital cities situated in NSW, VIC, QLD, and WA. Their Bankstown office have some of the best accountants in Western Sydney according to their clients.

They have a strong number of reviews and high quality ratings. You should therefore view them as a trusted service provider.

More info & client reviews…

2. DKM Accounting & Taxation Services, Baulkham Hills

Main areas of practice: Tax, Auditing

DKM are a young firm with locations in Baulkham Hills and Merrylands. They’re very highly rated for reliability, so you can view them as a safe pair of hands for your business.

More info & client reviews…

3. M G Arthur & Associates, Baulkham Hills

Main areas of practice: Tax, Business Advice

MG Arthur & Associates have a small team that delivers great results. They have a lot of reviews, so you can trust the ratings. They are also clearly receptive to feedback, which is crucially important when hiring a firm.

More info & client reviews…

4. AMCO Financial Services, Bankstown

Main areas of practice: Tax, Financial Planning

AMCO Public Accountants have been serving the Bankstown community for over 20 years. They have Big 4 expertise which the founders now deliver at a community level in Western Sydney.

More info & client reviews…

5. Condon Associates Group, Parramatta

Main areas of practice: Insolvency, Business Advice

Condon Associates are a great example of why you should look beyond high level ratings to what the reviews are for. If you need insolvency work done, these are your guys. Condon Associates Group is committed to providing confidential assessments of problematic situations, then formulating and agreeing on pragmatic solutions that will swiftly begin to deliver real changes to your business.

More info & client reviews…

6. Fitzpatrick Group

Main areas of practice: Tax, Business Advice

Branches: Campbelltown, Picton, Narellan, Sydney Olympic Park

Fitzpatrick Group are a network of firms serving Sydney’s West. There isn’t huge depth of reviews for any individual office except for the Narellan branch. However, their ratings across all of their offices are consistently very good, and you can trust that you’ll get great service.

More info & client reviews…


7. Fortis Accounting Partners, Concord

Main areas of practice: Tax, Financial Planning

Fortis Accounting Partners has been providing a full spectrum of accounting, taxation and financial planning solutions to Australian and foreign business owners, large family groups, investors and individuals since 2007.

More info & client reviews…

8. Lancero Consulting

Main areas of practice: Bookkeeping, Forensic Accounting, Business Advice

Best Accountants in Western Sydney

Lancero Consulting is lower down the list because its sample size is low, but it from its early reviews appears to be a very good provider of bookkeeping services in particular.

More info & client reviews…


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