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Gat Tholbok FirmChecker

We caught up with Gat Tholbok, our new Business Growth Specialist, to tell us about his experience and why he’s excited to join the FirmChecker team.

Tell us a bit about yourself, Gat.

My full name is Gatluak, but most people call me by the short version ‘Gat’, which works well.

My path towards helping businesses grow wasn’t direct. I initially graduated from Monash University with a bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences. It was after further study in entrepreneurship that I learned I was most passionate about helping businesses succeed. 

I love being central to business success and helping people implement solutions and ideas that save them money and time while helping their enterprise grow. At the end of the day, it flows through to a better personal life for them too. 

Where were you working before FirmChecker?

I am joining FirmChecker most recently from a company called Culture Amp. They were an Australian startup just like FirmChecker, but have been around a little longer and have achieved some great scale. They have made a huge impact in helping many businesses become culture and people focus. 

More broadly, my professional background has been in customer service, sales, business development, software as a service and helping businesses create meaningful online communities and presence. 

Why FirmChecker?

FirmChecker is disrupting the current legal services industry by bringing them closer to their clients, helping them build their online presence and community. I strongly believe in its mission and vision as it strongly aligns with mine. When used right, software platforms bring businesses closer to their clients – and professional services businesses are no different. FirmChecker helps smaller firms to build a community that advocates for them online, and in a business of trust, this is critical.

I also think it’s important from the client’s perspective. Like so many others, I wouldn’t know how to find a lawyer, accountant, or financial advisor, and I believe a product like FirmChecker is really needed. 

What are you most looking forward to?

I’m super excited to engage with all of our subscribers. In professional services, there are a handful of big brands, and then there are our subscribers – the thousands of firms run by people who were bold enough to do their own thing. First and foremost, FirmChecker’s about helping them carve out their niche and grow. I think you all are pretty incredible and I can’t wait to start our journey together. My goal is to make sure that if you haven’t already, you claim your FirmChecker profile and start building a powerful online presence and community. 

And what might our subscribers not know about you, Gat?

Things that you may not know about is that I used to play semi-professional soccer in Melbourne, I like to go running pretty much every day. Before Covid-19, I went to the gym quite often. I also play chess, badminton and love reading. 

Feel free to reach out and recommend some of your favourite books or authors and I would love to give them a go! 

Gat is FirmChecker’s Business Growth Specialist, helping boutique professional services businesses win new clients with FirmChecker. To discuss how you can boost your online presence and win more clients, you can book a free consultation with Gat. You can also learn more about FirmChecker and claim your profile here.

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